August 2023

The month of August brings us two full moons and as such, a Blue Moon. It will reach its peak at 0235 on Thursday, 31 August. It will also be the fourth and last Super Moon in a row, and I am trusting the intensities that it is bringing will start to ease. Whilst the highs and lows bring much, I am sure that many of us will welcome a gentler way of life.

The theme for this month is that of Jealousy. Another shadow energy to delve into and reflect on.

Jealousy, like many shadows that we carry, is something that we frequently try to repress and deny its existence. There is an immense amount of shame around jealousy. It is a characteristic or trait that nice people do not have. It is deeply frowned up in society. Like all our shadows, it doesn’t go away from being suppressed, but rather it becomes stronger, louder, more intense.

Jealousy is something that can eat us up.  Frequently acknowledged as the green-eyed monster, it sits there in the background, constantly on high-alert, waiting for something to spring up to assert its voice. This constant activity leads us to be on high alert, the fight / flight responses always on alert and peace and stillness are harder to find. Jealousy hurts us the most and connects with several different shadows – anger, rage, disappointment, frustration, – or even guilt. It also brings a damage to our connection with others – being the recipient of someone else’s jealousy is not pleasant – as we struggle to dance when they are dancing – instead, we stamp our feet.  Maybe we do that in the background as we paint on a smile to celebrate their successes, rather than admit that we are comparing ourselves unfavourably to their good fortune.

When Jealousy arrives, it is inviting us to go and dig deep within, discover what lies beneath. Because beneath the fragile veneer of Jealousy, there are some very real and deep sadnesses or traumas or wounds below this energy. The root of jealousy is found in some aspect of lack – be it poverty, judgments, unfulfilled dreams, etc. For some reason, we don’t feel we are enough, and through this pain, jealousies can creep in. The jealousies take hold and the voice of them over-rides the pain that lies beneath. The voices of jealousy become stronger, and the simultaneously the pain cries out louder to be acknowledged and released.

It’s super important to remember that carrying jealousies is no failing or error on your behalf, and as such is quite simply showing you that these unhealed wounds exist in your system.

Jealousy, like many of our shadow energies, serves to point us in the direction of areas we may need to heal. And accordingly, instead of feeling bad about ourselves for being as such, we can be kind to ourselves and welcome the feelings – not for themselves but for what they are trying to show us. From that point, we can start to dig deep within ourselves and clear the underlying energies that are giving rise to these jealousies – and our lives become easier and softer – and quite simply nicer – for ourselves and those around us. 

We find we can begin to wholeheartedly celebrate the success of others and then start to take it to the next level – whereby we want others to do well regardless of what is going on for us and there is no underlying niggle of resentment and jealousy.

This does not happen overnight but is a step-by-step process as we walk the hero’s journey and do get in touch if I can help at all to remove the underlying wounds.

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