Helix Healings

Energy Healing using Shamanic,

Sound and Reiki techniques.






Working to foster physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing…

The twist, the dance, the weave and the shape of a DNA strand is known as a helix. And countless of these strands course through our bodies, each carrying incalculable amount of information. And it is within these microscopic structures that we find the reality of who we are and are meant to be – our own true self.

One of our major needs in life is that of safety. We have all experienced multiple traumas to various degrees – as well as inheriting traumas from our ancestors both physical, energetic and past lives. These traumatic events have resulted in us moving further and further away from our true self quite simply in order to stay safe resulting in struggles in our lives in a variety of ways – physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual. As such, we become less and less connected with our wisdom, our potential, our gut instinct and our truth, as well as the connection with source energy, the divine, the god – however you refer to it.

As a healer, I support the clearing of stuff which no longer serves us from our systems from our DNA. This creates the space and opportunity for us to achieve more and more of our potential as we find we are remembering ourselves home.

What can my services help you with?

I work with people with all sorts of difficulties – such as anxiety, insomnia, abuse survivors, those with depression and mental health issues, eating disorders, fears and phobias and all manner of physical, mental and emotional traumas. I work by supporting the release of non-supportive energies and bringing in nourishing energies. The end goal is to foster physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, as well as to open us to the innate magic and potential in the infinity – which we all have.

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"Belinda possesses the perfect qualities required in a healer - empathy, warmth, understanding, intuition, skill, knowledge, compassion and wisdom. She helped me during the deepest hours of grief, for which I will be for ever grateful. Not just a healer, but a truly human human being. Thank you Belinda."

Oct 2023

Each time I have a treatment from Belinda something shifts in my life, and I am reminded that not everything we struggle with can be remedied on the physical plain

SC, Kent UK

Belinda is a remarkable healer, the way she holds space, finds the root of issues, and communicates messages to you from the other side are beautiful.

LB, Alaska

I am still blown away every time I read through Belinda’s healing transcript, there was so much detail! It was uncanny but so very healing because of the detail given, as it showed that Belinda is one truly gifted shamanic practitioner, and I sincerely cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jo, Cornwall UK

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