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Working to foster physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing using Reiki, Shamanism, Sound and Energy…

The twist, the dance, the weave and the shape of a DNA strand is known as a helix. And countless of these strands course through our bodies, each carrying incalculable amount of information. And it is within these microscopic structures that we find the reality of who we are and are meant to be – our own true self.

One of our major needs in life is that of safety. We have all experienced multiple traumas to various degrees – as well as inheriting traumas from our ancestors both physical, energetic and past lives. These traumatic events have resulted in us moving further and further away from our true self quite simply in order to stay safe resulting in struggles in our lives in a variety of ways – physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual. As such, we become less and less connected with our wisdom, our potential, our gut instinct and our truth, as well as the connection with source energy, the divine, the god – however you refer to it.

As a healer, I support the clearing of stuff which no longer serves us from our systems from our DNA. This creates the space and opportunity for us to achieve more and more of our potential as we find we are remembering ourselves home.

What can my services help you with?

I work with people with all sorts of difficulties – such as anxiety, insomnia, abuse survivors, those with depression and mental health issues, eating disorders, fears and phobias and all manner of physical, mental and emotional traumas. I work by supporting the release of non-supportive energies and bringing in nourishing energies. The end goal is to foster physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, as well as to open us to the innate magic and potential in the infinity – which we all have.

Why consider energy healing?

Energy healing sessions are used to treat a whole host of difficulties including:

  • Trauma
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Insomnia and fatigue
  • Abuse
  • Anger
  • Depression, hopelessness, despair, grief
  • Addictions and obsessions including eating disorders
  • Physical conditions – acute and chronic
  • Fear and Phobias
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Workplace challenges

Treatments are as effective whether they are in person, or distant, meaning I work with clients all over the UK – and the rest of the world and I have blogged on this here : https://helixhealings.co.uk/what-is-distant-healing/ The end goal is to use energy and other healing techniques to foster physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. This allows us to engage with our passion, our joy and our power. It opens us up to the innate magic in the infinity – which we all have.

Energy healing for trauma

We all have an instinctive need to feel safe as we are programmed for survival. For sure, many of us have different level of adrenaline-seeking thrills but fundamentally we desire safety.

Trauma occurs when this sense of safety in ourselves is threatened. It may transpire as being subjected to someone else’s abuse, or when we are frightened. But we can also inflict trauma on ourselves when we behave in a way that is not congruent to ourselves or our truth (i.e. we do things that are not aligned with our moral code.

We are all born with trauma coursing through our veins. In the same way that we inherit our ancestors’ gifts, skills and talents – so their traumas are passed down from generation to generation in our DNA. Furthermore, we also bring our experiences from past lives into this world when we are born – both the experiences to be celebrated, but also the unhealed traumas.

an image of 2 fists connecting. One looks like ice, the other like fire

Trauma can leave imprints in our energy body that influence our current life. These imprints cause us to attract people and experiences that recreate and repeat the traumatic stories. Both science and shamanism support this concept and science is now able to show that trauma reshapes the body and the brain by recording the trauma in the very cells of our body and embedding it in our neuro-pathways. Shamanism is perfectly suited to heal these imprints because of the practitioner’s direct access to non-ordinary reality and to the energy body where these imprints are held.

These imprints show up energetically in our chakras or our field as disturbances, as something that is out of place – or missing. Shamanic healing is transformation in healing our traumas. Working outside of linear time, the source of the original wound can be tracked, and healed.  Different modalities for healing trauma include Illumination (removal of stuff which no longer serves) and soul retrieval (return of a part of ourselves that took flight in the traumatic experience.

There are a number of different techniques I use in healing trauma but the ones I most commonly use are illumination and soul retrieval, as well as working on calming the nervous system. My approach is to work as fast and as gently as possible to support you in your process. Your body will tell me exactly what you need at that given moment – this may be different from what you think you may need but the mind can play some clever tricks – as the mind has a distorted view of what safety might feel like.

Healing is very much a journey. Whilst I do get to the root of the imprint – the source of the original wound, there may well be other traumas that emerge. But over time, by healing our traumas, we find we can move into a space which is not only more joyous and fulfilling, but where we can start to change the old stories and create a life that we only dared to dream of.

"Belinda possesses the perfect qualities required in a healer - empathy, warmth, understanding, intuition, skill, knowledge, compassion and wisdom. She helped me during the deepest hours of grief, for which I will be for ever grateful. Not just a healer, but a truly human human being. Thank you Belinda."

Oct 2023

Each time I have a treatment from Belinda something shifts in my life, and I am reminded that not everything we struggle with can be remedied on the physical plain

SC, Kent UK

Belinda is a remarkable healer, the way she holds space, finds the root of issues, and communicates messages to you from the other side are beautiful.

LB, Alaska

I am still blown away every time I read through Belinda’s healing transcript, there was so much detail! It was uncanny but so very healing because of the detail given, as it showed that Belinda is one truly gifted shamanic practitioner, and I sincerely cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jo, Cornwall UK

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