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Reiki Healings – Eastbourne

I’m Belinda and I offer Reiki in Eastbourne, East Sussex or remotely, from anywhere in the world. Whether you choose in person or remote Reiki, the benefits are vast and can bring many improvements to both physical and emotional well-being.

Reiki treatments can also be carried out in groups – within immediate family or friends (up to six people maximum). This lowers the investment but still provides the benefits.

All reiki healing sessions, whether present or far away usually take place with the client relaxing – either lying or seated.

Reiki carried out in a group is particularly effective in families. Group reiki lowers the investment for you, please get in touch for costs.  Please note that permission to carry this out is required from all parties with the exception of children under the age of 16.

Sessions cost £50 – or five sessions for £225. Group Reiki – Please get in touch for costs.

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The Benefits of Reiki

There are many reasons people choose to have a reiki treatment and it brings benefits to a whole host of conditions. In life, toxins build up from illnesses; we endure emotional difficulties and traumas; undergo injuries and operations and many of us suffer with mental health issues such as low self-esteem, addictions, anxiety and depression.

Reiki sessions work by sensing these toxins in your body and drawing them out gently and energetically. Minor sicknesses, such as coughs and colds tend to move through the body faster with Reiki treatments bringing faster healing.

What can I expect to feel from a Reiki Session?

People report many different experiences after having a Reiki treatment. This is the case whether you have your reiki in Eastbourne, in person, or a remote session.

Some people feel very refreshed after a reiki session, others state it’s more relaxing than a physical massage! It can relieve headaches and tension instantly, and if you are suffering with pain, you should feel freer with less pain after a reiki treatment. 

Reiki has no contraindications however some people feel tired after a session, and possibly experience being a little more ’emotional’ – due to the shift in energy within us and is temporary whilst we shift to being in an emotionally healthier state. As Reiki is a very gentle healing energy, it is best to have regular sessions as the energy builds on itself.


2 hands hovering over a ball of coloured light depicting energy

With acute conditions such as flu or colds, I can give ‘short bursts’ of reiki over a time period of days which has proven very effective (e.g. 6 x 10 minute sessions or 4 x 15 minutes), but typically sessions would last 1 hour, and certainly a 1 hour session is recommended to allow deep but gentle clearing.


What is Reiki

Reiki is a spiritual healing technique originating from Japan, by which the practitioner can support the body to heal itself.

The word “Reiki” means “universal energy”. This same energy runs through everything: nature, people and animals. As such, it is an entirely natural thing.

Whilst Reiki has been around for thousands of years, it was in the 1920s that a Japanese man, Usui devised a simple way to clear this connection and make it accessible to all. This methodology has been handed down lineages and has two main branches.

First there is Usui Reiki, which is better known and is a westernised form of reiki, and then there is the less well-known Jikkiden Reiki which is closer to the Japanese original and draws upon Japanese culture and language, and Japanese Buddhism such as the philosophies, gods and goddesses. 

I work primarily using the Jikenden Reiki for the very reason that it feels more authentic to me. But, by definition, as the energy is universal, each kind of reiki will be drawing on the same universal healing energy.

Other Forms of Healing

Channelled Messages

£60 for five questions or £100 for 10 questions

We all have burning questions where we feel we would benefit from guidance or insight from higher beings. In such a session, I will seek the wisdom you require at that moment in time to support you in relation to such a question. Please note, the information given is at that precise moment in time, and free will always over-rides the information.

Channelled messages

Other Energetic Healing

CORD CUTTING: £25 per session

It’s very easy for energetic connections to develop between individuals, and they can occur with little or no conscious intention. These come with a drain of energy – either away from us or a leeching in of someone else’s energy into our system. This harms both parties and as such – either with the energy drain or the acquisition of the energy of another.  These cords are gently released and healing given.

The awareness of needing cord cutting is most often felt if there is someone on your mind very frequently- particularly the first thing in the morning, or if you feel drained in their presence.  The cord of pure, true love can never be cut.

A need for such a healing will typically show up in either a Reiki of Shamanic healing, and will form part of the overall healing, as opposed to being a separate component and when this is the case, a charge will not be made.

SOUND HEALING – £50 per session or five sessions for £225

Sound healing is very powerful, easily cutting through energetic misalignment in our chakras, organs and our bio field.

Sound healing

"I felt a great benefit from your healing treatment. The most obvious change was one of feeling grounded and much more in balance and settled. "

February 2024

Belinda carried out remote Reiki healing whilst I was suffering with a particularly nasty bout of Covid. Although I was sceptical, there was absolutely no doubt I could feel when she had been working. At one point my ears cleared at the exact point she finished a session, bizarre but brilliant! An absolute must for anyone that cannot travel to Eastbourne to see Belinda, this is just as effective".

February 2024

I’ve been to different Sound-baths now. I can say that Belinda’s are the best ones! She really does magic with those bowls. You can really feel the energy and get transported to a different world. She is a lovely woman and super calm. I definitely recommend going to her sessions because they are just amazing ! Thank you Belinda

November 2023

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