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My name is Belinda and I live on the South Coast of England, in Eastbourne.

I’ve always had a curiosity and interest in the spiritual, the esoteric, and the metaphysical.

As a child, I often felt bewildered and beguiled by synchronicities that invariably emerged. Consequently I pursued various modalities in religion which never quite felt right. Eventually I heard the pull of yoga and reiki followed soon after.

Accordingly, I went on to first train in reiki, studying both the better-known Usui Reiki, as well as the more traditional Jikkiden Reiki, the latter being Reiki without modern influence or modification the way it was traditionally taught.

Eventually, I heard the call to Shamanism and studied with The Inca Shamans of S. America and with Alberto Villodo at The Four Winds, and Core Shamanism with Simon Buxton at the Sacred Trust. I have also been initiated into Plant Medicine by Kirsty Inglis.

I work with people with all sorts of difficulties – such as anxiety, insomnia, abuse survivors, those with depression and mental health issues, eating disorders, fears and phobias and all manner of physical, mental and emotional traumas. I work by supporting the release of non-supportive energies and bringing in nourishing energies. The end goal is to foster physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, as well as to open us to the innate magic and potential in the infinity – which we all have.

Have more questions?

No problem at all, it’s usual to want to ask questions before booking a treatment. You may find the answers you’d like on my FAQ’s page – if not – do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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Belinda is a remarkable healer, the way she holds space, finds the root of issues, and communicates messages to you from the other side are beautiful. She is a blessing to work with. I have found since beginning to do session work with her that I am more empowered, more attuned to my own soul, and I feel more joy. Real and true joy deep within myself. Truly I believe Belinda has a gift for bringing a person out of their own cage and right back home to themselves. She does it all right and maintains a space that enwraps you in light. Thank you, Belinda, for helping me see the light in myself

LB, Alaska

Supporting people in their big blocks, hidden barriers and shadow self requires a Shaman who knows intimately their own shadow. Someone who works on multiple planes and has access to a spectrum of dimensions to disentangle entities and attachments. I am so grateful for Belinda’s wisdom and patience to engage in healing once a month for several months. The time allowed for the gentle alignment of my subtle bodies after each healing. It’s exactly what I needed, and my health and spirit are accelerating towards renewal in a quickening that’s emerged from complete stagnation. I am so very gratefulI am still blown away every time I read through Belinda’s healing transcript, there was so much detail! It was uncanny but so very healing because of the detail given, as it showed that Belinda is one truly gifted shamanic practitioner, and I sincerely cannot recommend her highly enough.

BM, Australia

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