Shamanic Healing

A shamanic healing can take a number of forms and will typically last 1.5 to 2 hours.

A number of different things may occur in a shamanic healing…

What is Shamanic Healing?

A shamanic healing is one of the most transformative processes you can experience. Anything and everything can be brought for a shamanic healing – including not only trauma, mental health issues, emotional and physical ailments – but also relationship issues, disappointments, or other challenges that you may find in your life.

The end goal of a shamanic healing is to help the client remember themselves home. In a nutshell, when looking at the energy of a client, I can see there are parts of you that are missing and have got lost. And in their place, there are parts or energies that did not originate in you – and are causing disruptions in your energy or your system. The combination of these two situations brings about all nature of ailments that we experience.

What happens in a shamanic healing session?

In a shamanic session, the practitioner will seek quite simply to take away what is out of place and replace this with either pure light, or something of you which has got lost. I do this by moving my awareness to find the information from a variety of sources and engaging with these different wisdoms – mostly wisdoms found in nature. I will move along timelines to the event of the original wound that led to the challenges that are currently causing challenges in your life. These may arise in your DNA from your ancestors, or they may have emerged from past lives.

The end result of a shamanic healing is that you will essential feel more “you”. With one healing the results may be very subtle or they may be quite significant. But over time with more healings, you will quite simply become more and more of your true self and find a life that is more joyful, more magical, more peaceful and more empowered.

Small adjustments to become your true self.

Shamanic healings mostly come with a call to make a simple and easy adjustment in your life to demonstrate self-responsibility to your healing journey. The universe is conspiring to support us in our healing journey and will meet us more than half way in our efforts. So, the more we commit to it, the more support we get from the world around us in becoming our true self.

That’s a very simplified explanation of what happens in a shamanic healing! It is, indeed, extraordinarily simple but the layers of complexity run in many different directions as shamanism works outside of space and time. It works with stories, with metaphors, with wisdom and insights. No two healings are the same as we all present with a unique combination of histories and experiences.

But all shamanic healings have the end point in remembering you home.

A shamanic healing can take a number of forms and will typically last 1.5hrs – 2.0hrs. A number of different things may occur in a shamanic healing. Sessions cost £110 or 3 for £300 (must be booked at the same time).

About Shamanism

Shamanism is the oldest spiritually and healing modality that is known, dating back at least some 40,000 years. The word Shaman originates from the Tungus Tribe of Siberia, means “one who sees in the dark”. Historically, shamanism was active in all corners of the earth and archaeology and research has shown strong correlations in the techniques between the different tribes globally. For a number of reasons, shamans were persecuted and in turn, the opportunity to quickly solve problems was lost, open us up to greater traumas, poor physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, addictions, and so on.

About shamanism
Ancestral healing

What happens when things go wrong?

A shaman knows that everything is alive, and everything has spirit. Disease and disorders emerge when energies are quite simply in the wrong place. These afflictions may take the form of emotional and mental disorders such as traumas including PTSD, eating disorders, fears and phobias, addictions; physical ailments; and misalignment of our spiritual selves and an overall loss of power. In the days when shamans were prolific, these disorders could be quickly ameliorated. However, shamans were persecuted for a number of reasons and so the opportunity for the build up of afflictions has resulted in the return to ourselves is a journey, a step by step process.

Our fullest potential…

A shaman seeks wisdom and healing from wise, compassionate and loving spirits – such as those found in nature or the elements – to bring what is most needed for an individual at that moment in time.

The process is transformative as, over time and after a number of healings, an increasing return to power is experienced. This opens us up to our fullest potential and a space we can only dare dream of – a space of infinite love and light.

About shamanism

Shamanic Healings



Our chakras become clogged up over time, with our own unhealed and unexpressed emotions, as well as influences from external forces.

In an illumination, one or more chakra is cleared and reset, bringing balance, ease and clarity of thought.

Power animal retrieval


Power animals provide support and protection through challenges of life, as well as bringing wisdom and strength to make wiser decisions.

Soul retrieval


When trauma is experienced or we act in a way that is not congruent with our truth, a part of our soul, or essence, will flee to safety. Soul loss is often characterised by feelings of emptiness, feelings of dissociation (not quite being all there), repeated negative patterns of behaviour or memory loss. Other symptoms include chronic depression, suicidal tendencies, PTSD, immune deficiency problems, grief that just does not heal, or addiction.

In a soul retrieval, a soul part will be restored, bringing back gifts – such as wisdom, information and powers that were contained within. The return of this essence is a joyous event, restoring our power and sense of wholeness. It may well be that a power animal will return to support the integration of the soul part, as well as bringing its own protection and strength.

Ancestral Healing


In the same way that gifts are passed down from generation to generation, so are wounds and challenges and behaviours which may not necessarily be aligned with our greatest good. In ancestral healing, the wounds and difficulties that have been passed down the generation are gently released setting free the client, as well as the past and future generations. 

Power animal retrieval


A ceremony is of particular benefit when we are moving into a new space – be it a birth of a child or our own birthday, marriage, new job, new home. Gratitude is given for the past state, and Intentions are laid out for the upcoming space. When our prayers and actions are aligned, then we can come into right relationship with our lives and in ceremony, offerings are made to the spirits as prayers for the onward journey. 

Soul retrieval


A ceremony can also be done on the passing of a loved one, these are offered free of charge.

Want to learn more?

Would you like to learn how to help yourself more on your own journey? I offer courses in Shamanism where you have the opportunity to learn more about the oldest spirituality that we know about, dating back at least some 40,00 year.s You will learn how to source your own healing and support and how to communicate with the world at large. You can find out more about my courses HERE

"I felt safe and heard, and was able to empty out my bucket of emotions in the session. During the healing, there was a gorgeous bird song, which went on for some time, and this connected with some of the work you were doing and this was very healing and beautiful. For a couple of days afterwards, I felt clear, present, and lighter and was able to move with the challenges, and the deadlines I was up against. You also made me aware of my 7-year-old aspect of the soul that had been lost and enabled her to come home, bringing play, fun and curiosity – all parts I want to recall."

April 2024

"I visited Belinda's beautiful welcoming home for my first shamanic healing recently. I had read a little about the work of shamanism and have enjoyed talking to Belinda over the last couple of months about how and what the practices look like. Belinda made me feel so welcome when I arrived and allowed time to talk through things before we began. I found the healing incredibly interesting, I came away feeling that I had been able to move more deeply into a journey of knowing myself. I feel Belinda is an incredibly supportive and kind practitioner who gave me time and space to move through the healing and has continued to provide support since. If this is something you have been thinking about I would highly recommend Belinda as your practitioner.

Jan 2024

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