Here, I try to answer the most frequently asked questions, however, if you have a question that is not answered here, please get in touch.


Sessions / Payments:

What should I expect during a session?

With an both an in-person session and remote session, we will have a brief chat about the presenting issues and then you will lie down (either here or in your own space) and relax as far as you are able. More often than not, you will find yourself going into a deeply relaxed state and may even nod off. After I have done the work, we will have a quick chat as to the work done and next steps you may wish to pursue.  If the work is done remotely, the communication can be done by phone / whatsapp.

An energy healing session lasts 1hr and a shamanic healing session lasts 1.5hrs – 2.00hrs.

What might I feel after a session?

This truly is a million dollar question. You may feel absolutely nothing, you may feel very joyous or sad. You may notice old jealousies or angers or grievances surface. You may find that people from your past contact you. You may be aware of an increase or decrease in dream activity.

In short, there is no defined outcome from a session but over time, and with more healings, there will be a sense of greater power, greater ease and peace, greater joy, greater compassion and love – of self and others.

There is a need to drink water after a session and there may be some personal work that is prescribed to integrate the healing work

How does a remote session work and is it better than in person?

In a remote session, I will tune into your energy field. Some people are aware of this occurring (and have sensations in their body or feel deeply relaxed) but for the most part there is no sensation of anything happening.

There are merits in both having a session in person as well as remotely. In a remote healing, I find I can work at a greater depth. On the other hand, with an in person healing, there is a greater ease of communication throughout the process. For the most part it is your own preference as to how we proceed.

How many sessions? And how frequently?

When we embark on our healing journey, we open ourselves up to immense change in our lives and so to support these changes, I do recommend regular healing. How frequently and with whom is something that is intuited by you.

Typically, I would recommend having several sessions of reiki at weekly or fortnightly intervals; or a shamanic healing session once every other month. Of course, there will be times where more or less frequent healings are required – this depends on numerous factors and I encourage and respect your own knowing and wisdom as to how you incorporate healings into your own healing journey.

What are your prices?

Shamanic Healing : £110 or £300 for 3 (must be booked together)

Reiki Healing : £50 / session or five sessions for £225 (must be booked together)

Sound Healing : £50 / session or five sessions for £225 (must be booked together)

Channelled Questions : £60 for five questions or £100 for 10 questions

Cord Cutting : £25

Shamanic Journeying Course (6 sessions) : £450

Beyond the Beyond (5 sessions) £400

Do you offer discounts or offers?

I try to keep my prices as low as possible in order to support as many people as possible and so discounts aren’t readily available. However, there are occasions when a discount may be appropriate and so please do get in touch with me if you feel this is what you need – and I will check in whether this is indeed viable.

How do I pay? Cancellation Policy?

Payment is required 24 hours ahead of a session. For those in the UK is best done by bank transfer (details will be supplied). For those overseas, I accept WISE money transfer

My cancellation policy is as follows :

  • 48hrs for a cancellation
  • 24hrs to reschedule
The Chakras

What is a Chakra?

The word “Chakra” comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” and references a spiritual energy centre in the human body. We have 7 major energy centres in our body which are found along our spine and through our head.

The Root Chakra – is found at the base of the spine and provides a foundation. It supports with grounding, security and survival

The Sacral Chakra – is found just below the belly button and is our place of our creativity. It supports emotions, passions, as well as our sexual energy

The Solar Plexus Chakra – is located just below the sternum and is our powerhouse, the space where we find our self-esteem and confidence.

The Heart Chakra – is – quite simply – the space of love. When aligned, love and compassion flow freely – both in terms of giving it out and receiving.

The Throat Chakra – is located in the throat and enables communication, both listening and speaking.

The Third Eye Chakra – is found between the eyebrows and governs intuition and the access to this.

The Crown Chakra – is found at the top of the head and connects us to our higher self and ultimately, the divine.

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