What is a Shamanic Journey?

Shamanic journeying is one of the key practices of shamanism. In a nutshell, it is the way to connect with greater consciousnesses and the highest light available to us – however you refer to these sources – be it the divine, godhead, creator, source energy etc.  Other cultures or spiritualities engage in prayer or meditation, for a shaman – the practice is of shamanic journeying.

A shamanic journey is the process that will take us into places or worlds that are outside of time and our ordinary realities, worlds of magic and mystery and into infinity where we can access ancient wisdoms that are so relevant and needed for today. This wisdom contains information for all manner of things including support and guidance in life, how to bring about healing for ourselves, others and the world at large.  It is a primary tool in helping us finding and reclaiming our own innate power – something we all need for ourselves and something the world needs us to do badly.

How do you journey shamanically?

The mechanics of a shamanic journey are surprisingly simple – I say surprisingly as the depth and breadth of exploration is indeed extraordinary from basic techniques. It is something that we can all do. A shamanic life is in our DNA from our ancestors or past lives, and it is akin to riding a bike, we haven’t forgotten.  It is just bringing these abilities back to the surface, back into our regular life to support us to find the way to live our best possible life. It is never too soon; it is never too late. It’s always a good day to start to learn how to journey shamanically, it is always a good day to have a journey.

Every shamanic journey starts with an intention!  Intentions are everything and the trajectory of a journey will arise from the intention.  Intentions can be absolutely anything you choose – you may just want to hang out and relax or have fun or explore! Equally, you may have a specific question that you want guidance for, or you may want support over a situation, or you may want a healing. 

The shamanic realms are infinite and there are no ends to the exploration that can be undertaken. Broadly speaking, the shamanic world is divided into the upper world and the lower world – and the beings that reside in both these spaces are wise, compassionate, enlightened, and transcended beings.  In other words, they are without ego so there will be no agenda or bias in the communications – and they are all about love and healing.

As well as being infinite in terms of space, the shamanic realms are also outside time. This enables you to step outside time and travel along different timelines – both backwards and into the future. This allows us to heal the past and map out the best possible paths in life in order to bring about the greatest healings for the world, and for the past and future generations.

The key tool in journeying is that of a drum. Science has shown that brainwaves fall into the theta state at the sound of the rhythmic drumbeat at a certain tempo. The theta state is that beautiful state we find ourselves in just before we go to sleep – that liminal space in between being awake and being asleep. It is in this liminal space that we can easily and safely move our awareness into the shamanic worlds.

The benefits of a shamanic journey…

By journeying regularly, we start to return to ayni – that is right relationship – with ourselves, everyone, and everything. Shamans know that everything is alive, and everything has life and so we can develop beautiful and enriching connections with everything. The whole of the universe is conspiring to support us in our journey back to ourselves. The more we heal ourselves, the greater ease we have in finding the way to deepen our connections.

The healing found can take many forms. You can journey to have fun, to hang out with your guides, seek wisdom and become your own divinatory master, as well finding love, compassion, and support for everyday life.

And it is in the moving of awareness that we experience a shamanic journey – opening to the extraordinary and the magic of life. We can engage with our own power for ourselves, we can learn how to find healing and wisdom for both ourselves and others when asked, and more pertinently, we can bring healing to the great mother earth, who has supported us to generously and unconditionally.


I could go on!  And if you’d like to read more about Shamanic Healing please visit my other pages. I also offer Training in Shamanic Journeying.

To me, it is one of the easiest – and indeed most natural practices we can engage with in our journey home to ourselves. I teach this both on a 1-2-1 basis, or in groups. It’s one of my favourite things to do in my energy work, as it gives the client a toolbox to return to their own power and access divine realms and wisdom for themselves. Over time, there will be a return of power, and life will become more expansive as you find yourself living your best life possible.

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