The Strawberry Moon


June’s Full Moon

June brings us the Strawberry Moon, this month’s full moon. So called as it was typically associated with Strawberries.  Strawberries used to appear in the UK in a couple of weeks in June, usually aligned with the tennis at Wimbledon, however they are now grown all the year round.  The full moon peaks at 4.41am on Sunday, 4 June. It will be placed in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, brining themes of adventure, the unknown and expansion of life.

This leads us neatly to the next aspect of the hero’s journey, as we step along the way of our journey for 2023. To explore the unknown and adventure, we do well by bringing curiosity with us. 

Curiosity is a magical tool we can have at our disposal. It’s something that we are all inherently born with, and all of us have it knocked out of us when we are toddlers –endlessly asking “why”, as we try to make sense of the world around us. We are trained to set aside our natural curiosity and wonder, and replace it with opinion, beliefs, logic and judgement. These are informed not just from conditioning, but also past lives, our ancestry as well as life experience. Somehow, we find ourselves hiding behind our beliefs, unconsciously believing they are keeping us safe –and indeed safety is one of our most primeval of instincts.

As such, our world becomes smaller and clearly defined, leaving little room for magic, mystery and miracles.

Our beliefs and judgements create “facts” in our mind which can lead us to become triggered in specific situations. We all experience this. And when we are triggered and act out a belief –the belief is reinforced, creating a greater propensity for future triggering. We cannot entertain the concept that we may be wrong or misinformed about a belief.

Things are rarely what they seem, such is the complexity of everyone and everything. Who knows what scars someone else carries -burdens, wounds, challenges, experiences.

When we gently start to consider our reactions to something, we begin to open upthe doors to curiosity, and furthermore infinity. Things may not be as we believe. We can dare to ask the difficult questions –along the lines of “why did I react in the way I did?” “what if I made formed an opinion that wasn’t true” “what if I misunderstood”. “where does this feeling arise from”.

For the most part, we can only speculate as to what might be going on with someone else, we do ourselves a great service when we give others the benefit of the doubt as opposed to jumping to a conclusion. Who knows what bad day they may have had, let alone past life trauma. But we can also ask the simple questions around what they might have meant by something, allowing us to form appropriate responses.

For me, when embarking on curiosity, I generally find it easier to do this after an event!  Usually, if I am triggered, self-reflection is not top of the list. But the more I exercise the muscle of curiosity, the easier and quicker I can move into that space, and away from a triggered space.  Far nicer!

Moreover,bringing in curiosity into your own healing journey can transform the whole process from a bit of a grind to something that is quite fun!

I would invite you, over the next month, to start to include curiosity in your daily life –not just for yourself but for the greater good to see how your life can transform!

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