The Pink Moon


April’s Full Moon

The April full moon peaks at 7.55pm on Sunday, 16 April and is known as the Pink Moon, the Egg Moon or the Fish Moon.

The Pink Moon – not because of the colour of the moon but the pink wildflowers which appear in N. America at this time. It is also the time of a lot of egg-laying and certain fish will swim upstream at this time of the year.

This season is all about creation! Buds are becoming full and the blossom is on its way out for the most part. Many of the leaves that are on the trees are taking on a vital, limey colour which is so vibrant and fresh. Bird song is plentiful and captivating.

The energies feel stronger than ever, and, what I am seeing is very deep clearing on many many levels, old old energies that need a little encouragement to finally go, or are teasing in the background to ensure that the decision to leave old old wounds behind.

More and more, I am finding the power in not buying into stories but to really release emotions.

Boundaries work is really current at the moment. I don’t recall when boundaries became a “thing”, certainly when I was growing up there wasn’t mention of them. But it is so important when learning how to allow your soul to fly to find ways of building a strong, safe container whilst the internal world becomes free.

To this end, I am offering a short course in Boundaries – details as follows. Dates : 11 June and 25 June Time : 10am – 1pm (UK) Location : Zoom Cost : £100 – to include a 1hr mentoring / healing session.

On this course, I plan on debunking some myths around boundaries and chat about ways we can navigate our way through.

Please contact me if you are interested, or if those dates / times don’t work, I can add you to a list for a future course.

Pink Moon
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