The Harvest Moon…

The first full moon after the Equinox is the Harvest Moon, and it reaches its peak on 29 September at 10.57am. It is following swiftly on the back of the equinox, giving a bit of weight to the movement through the doorway to Autumn or Spring – depending on where you are in the world.

The theme for the hero’s journey for this month is that of indecision. It’s a common theme amongst us all, exacerbated by the abundance of choice we have. In many ways, it’s a beautiful problem to have as it speaks of the wealth of opportunities presented. But it can so easily lead to overwhelm, not least with the abundance of information which we can easily access.

Overwhelm takes us away from ourselves and into the mind. The challenges of indecision grow. And are not challenges that our ancestors were confronted with. The opportunities and information increase, we are somewhat hypnotised by marketing, or seduced by colour and packaging. Furthermore, information on the internet is not necessarily correct, and frequently contradictory articles are easily found.

The difficulties lie in small and possibly inconsequential choices that we may have. What shampoo to buy? What colour socks to wear? But there are bigger questions – on the other end of the scale, for example – health supplements (if any), employment, relationships, and where to live.

In many respects, the abundance of choice can be looked at as a “nice problem to have”. We live in a land of plenty, we have the resource to be afforded the opportunity of choosing better food, better places to live.

There is often a lot of fun in these choices – the allure of different tasty foods, places to go, things to see and choice can bring pleasure and fun along the way.

But the overarching wonder of the choices we are presented with is they are encouraging us to find our way home, back to ourselves, back to our bodies.

Our bodies are a powerhouse of wisdom! Within our bodies, we have all the information and knowledge of what we need, what is best for us. The key is in accessing this information.

We can access this information through healings and clearing away of excess or stuck energies and emotions. As we do so, we can start to build up a dialogue with our bodies. Asking our bodies what is good for us, learning how our bodies provide these answers and developing the “muscles” that are at stake that give rise to this wisdom. This does take practice, for some it comes easily, and others have to work harder at it, but we can all find within what we truly want and our own sovereignty, our truth, our souls as we remember ourself home.

Two important things to note. Wisdom needs to be adhered to. This may seem obvious, but it is important to engage the brain.

Secondly, and this is can’t be emphasised enough. When you start on your healing journey, you are making a contract with the universe that it will ensure you get to where we need to. There is no wrong choice. Very often, we worry we may make a wrong decision. There may be paths that are easier, or more fun etc. than others. But the universe will conspire to work with to unravel the way ahead. This end point may not be the place where we thought we would arrive, but the more we reconnect with ourselves, the more aligned we become with the ways of the cosmos and the easier and smoother our path. But we don’t need to have any regrets or concerns about maybe having made the wrong decision. Everything is working out perfectly.

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