The Flower Moon


May’s Full Moon

May’s full moon peaks on Friday, 5 May at 6.34pm UK. It is known as the flower moon, to acknowledge the abundance of flowers that were typically seen at this time of year in the US.

It also emerges fast on the back of the Beltane, the pagan festival marking the midpoint between the spring equinox and summer solstice.

It is traditionally marked with fire to honour the fire of the sun. A powerful and cleansing energy.

This moon emerges in an eclipse, which will bring a chance to go within.

A combination of the moon being in Scorpio, and connecting both Mercury and Uranus will possibly bring upheaval which may appear quite suddenly. This therefore isn’t a time of intention but rather a time of waiting and allowing so the dust may settle.

It also comes at a time when, in the UK particularly, allegiances and oaths are at the forefront with the coronation of King Charles. This can be harnessed with the opportunity to make a greater commitment to your own personal journey, particularly within the theme of the hero’s journey and moving deeper into wholeness.

The movement into wholeness underpins the theme this month – that of fear. Fear is a characteristic that we all carry and it manifests within us in various guises and from a number of different situations. It is typically unwelcome, bringing with it a range of trauma based responses – be it fight, flight, freeze or fawn. These responses are generally very overwhelming and controlling – keeping us awake at night, driving us to behaviours to distract us with addictions, or behaviours that we would rather not identify with – anger, hostility, closing down of ourselves and so on. All these responses is quite simply information in many different ways, but essentially two predominant ones.

Firstly, there is the call of the body and psyche to stay safe in whatever way best works for you. This brings an invitation for gratitude – gratitude that our soul is always communicating with us, and developing ways to protect us – however they feel. Our responses are very very rational and well-informed and are signposts towards the source of the original wound – even if they may feel misguided in the current situation. As such, we don’t need to judge our responses but just show our appreciation. By doing so, we can start to engage with our fears and the responses, develop a dialogue, listen to what they have to say to us and in doing so, these responses will start to soften – to be less overwhelming and controlling. This brings us to greater congruence with ourselves – or greater wholeness.

Secondly, there is the knowledge that fear comes from a place of pain, of damage. These events may appear with story and information – or not. They may appear from past lives, as an inheritance from our ancestors, or from this current life. A greater opportunity again not to judge ourselves. This brings the signpost to the space where it can find healing at the source and the movement to go beyond the fear. It is in our responses to the fear which are key.

Fear is an uncomfortable companion. It is challenging, it is confrontational, it is easily judged, it can be utterly overwhelming – rendering us behaving in a way we may not want to be. But there is gold beneath the surface of fear, rich rich gold. And it is the hero within who seeks to transform the fear into the treasure and please get in touch if this is something I can help with.

Flower moon may
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