The Buck Moon – July 23


July’s Full Moon

 July’s full moon, the Buck Moon reaches its fullness on 3 July at 12.38. It’s a Super Moon so watch out for some strong energies.

The Hero’s journey continues into the world of abandonment issues. They lie at the heart of many of our challenges.  We all carry them, and equally have all given rise for them in others –despite doing our very best.  Every individual I’ve worked with has had some abandonment wound to heal, and most relationship problems stem from abandonment wounds.

Abandonment issues can arise from a number of different ways – abuse, being ignored, shunned, alienated, lied to, misunderstood, bereavement -I am sure that in reading these you can identify more than one occasion when you will have experienced some of these.

When we are deeply wounded at a young age, we cannot handle the pain and so we find ways to dissociate from the intensity. We continue to function in some way, but a wound is created. Then, later in life, these old wounds can get activated. The pain from the abandonment that has been pushed aside all these years comes roaring to the surface. We think that we are reacting to the present situation, but what is really happening is that the old, unhealed abandonment wound has been triggered. As such, our reactions often seem too big for the situation.

The natural instinctis to point the finger, to have someone else stop the behaviours they are displaying which is activating our old, deep wounds.  If only he or she would not do the things that activates these feelings, we would be fine. Yet until we actually healthese old, deep wounds, we will not be fine. We will always be vulnerable to having these wounds activated.

Healing the abandonment wounds does not happen overnight, yet it does not have to take years either. Step one is to tune into your feelings with a willingness to take responsibility for your pain. Once you are aware that deep pain has been activated, seek the help of someone who can support you while you go into the abandonment pain. The inner child, the wounded child can gently and safely come to the forefront and may bring up many images and stories, there may be none at all. But, by seeking to heal, your inner child has the opportunity tocome home in greater fulness with the result you won’t be triggered in such a way in the future.

It is indeed the Hero who explores the world of their abandonment. Once these old wounds are healing, you will feel a new sense of personal power. Others’ behaviour can no longer trigger you into these intensely painful feelings. This is not to say there aren’t deeper levels to reach –indeed healing is a journey –but over time such triggers are less intense resulting in an easier, and more peaceful, joyous life.

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