August 2023

It’s time for the first full moon of August which is commonly known as the Sturgeon Moon. It’s named as such for the time of abundant fishing. Fish are fascinating creatures, some very bright in colour, others with amazing instincts and many other gifts to show to us. They are creatures we often don’t give much airspace to but there are so much to learn from our water-bound friends.

This moon will reach its fullest on 1 August at 7.31pm UK time. It will also be a Supermoon and if visible, will appear larger in the sky but regardless of whether it is visible, we can enjoy the strong energies this brings. Later in the month, we will have the pleasure of a Blue Moon – and this will also be a Supermoon. This is the second of four consecutive supermoons, bringing a greater pull on emotion and feeling.

We are also in the energy of the Lion’s Gate, which is a planetary alignment occurring every year on the 8th August. Ie : 8 /8. The veil is incredibly thin on this date and so our opportunity for for growth and return to the self, which is what the Hero’s Journey is all about, is currently heightened .

With this in mind, the theme for this full moon is that of boredom! Boredom is a wonderful resource, and, like a lot of shadow energies, we avoid it at all costs. Children aren’t allowed to be bored; we fill up our time with busyness – work, activities of all manner of things. For sure, there are a whole bunch of demands on our time. Work has got increasingly frenetic over the years with increasing pressures on the need to deliver, the need to go above and beyond, technology is growing all the time which, on one hand, makes a lot of activity so much easier but the volume of information can be a minefield in so many ways. There are pressures amongst our peers which typically boil down to competitiveness and judgement. We all do this in some shape or form, for the most part this is unconscious and instinctive. But creates additional pressure, additional thought processes. Pressures are also found in our DNA and past life experiences that we are born with, predominantly in the guise of the victim mode, which creates a lot of destructive activity within.

Boredom is consequently suppressed, through means within our control and outside our control. And not only boredom, but also the still space in between the in-breath and the out-breath, where the body is most at ease. And it is when the body is most at ease then we have the opportunity to hear not only our soul’s desire, but find ways to express ourselves and create.

Creativity is something we are all born with, remember the days of imaginary friends, playing with fairies, dressing up, make-believe, drawing and colouring with gusto and so on.

In adult years, we easily believe that creativity is not something we do as our ability has been judged over the years – notably our ability to draw, sculpt, sing and creativity is perceived typically in these areas.

But with the veil being thin as it currently is, I would encourage you to dare to be a little bit bored, if only for five minutes. I appreciate it is super hard with so many commitments but see if you can allow yourself to say no to something – and thus by the same token, you are saying yes to yourself.

And if you can allow yourself to be a little bit bored, if only for a moment, you will start to unravel the creativity – birthing your desires into fruition and understanding how to create the life that will make your soul soar.

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