The wheel of the calendar year is nearing the end of a cycle…

The wheel of the calendar year is nearing the end of a cycle, and we arrive at the last full moon before the December Solstice. It peaks on 27 November at 9.16 am and in some cultures, this moon is known as the Mourning Moon. It brings a time to mourn the passing of people and places who have completed their journey with you. It is a time to call upon the goddesses for help in removing unwanted burdens before the turning of the wheel. For those who follow the earth traditions, this is a time to let go of past troubles or grief and look forward to a new season and soon, a new year. In our hero’s journey, 2023 has been a year to explore and reconcile the past and make peace with some of challenges we find ourselves with to bring an easier 2024 and beyond… And in doing so, we bring ourselves closer to the fully illuminated celestial dance of creation and completion, dancing with the universe in complete harmony. Such is the ultimate goal of the hero’s journey.

With all this in mind, the theme for the hero’s journey for the month is that of judgement! We develop judgements in our lives in order to keep ourselves safe, and these arrive from all manner of sources what we bring from past lives, what we inherit from our ancestors through our DNA and what we learn from family, friends, experience media and other sources in this lifetime. As judgement is a safety mechanism we can negate the need to judge it sometimes easier said than done as we are frequently conditioned to beat ourselves up. But there is an underlying wisdom in judgement which may or may not have been hijacked by our ego.

Judgements are not necessarily a shadow element of our psyches. And some serve the purpose of keeping us safe. An easy example of a beneficial judgement is whether it is safe or not to cross a road. They are all developed from the need to stay safe.

Safety is very much the role of the ego. And ego is something that is most heavily and tragically judged. But when we seek to remember that it is designed to keep us safe whether misguided or not we can start to regard it more gently.

There are shades of judgement along the way too, which makes it quite a complex area to address. Some are seemingly inconsequential, other judgements may feel quite significant. Wisdom can give rise to discernment which is generally deemed a positive, but there are heavy overlaps between judgement and discernment. But the overarching message to consider is is this judgment expansive and does it enhance my life or is it limiting and make my life smaller. And one size does not fit all what is beneficial for one person may, or may not be beneficial for another, or indeed it may not be the right time to make a tweak. A limiting judgement may not be to our greatest good, but we do need to heal the underlying wound which has given rise to a judgement.

It’s easy to get caught in a cycle when we find ourselves judging our judgements! We often speak harshly to ourselves. And this is where we need to exercise compassion to ourselves and acknowledge that this judgement is working hard to keep ourselves safe. Whether the threat is external or internal, whether it is a real threat or quite simply perceived, etc.

With these areas in mind, we can explore our judgements with curiosity which was the theme of the hero’s journey from June). Is this judgment for my greatest good, and is expansive and serves a purpose? What would it look like if I didn’t have this judgement – is it limiting my life? Is there a message, a wisdom, that it is bringing into my life? Is there something that I need to heal before I can let go of it.

And from such, we return to our ego and the judgements that have arisen here and, the cycle of judgement therein. We find the power to start to treat it softly, with compassion and love. Our judgements have the space to start to soften and transform and engage with the curiosity that will bring about an expansion within our lives.

So, next time you find yourselves in judgement that is limiting your life why not use some of these concepts to start to bring a different way that may make your life softer, gentler, easier and more beautiful and expansive. And remember, with kindness, there is something hurting beneath this judgement which is crying out for love.

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