Mayan Prophecies – Ancient prophecies for today’s world


The seven Mayan prophecies originated over 2000 years go by the Maya, in South America. The Maya were renowned for their spiritual abilities and knowledge about the cycles of life. They also had deep understandings of the earth, the cosmos and galaxies. Their prophecies explain the current world events, and also predict the new earth cycle which we are embarking on. Despite the lack of (known) communication between different cultures, these prophecies were also replicated by the Inca and other indigenous tribe.

Most people mistook the prophecies for the doomsday in 2012. However, the Mayans weren’t speaking about the end of the world, rather they were talking about the end of the current age. Astrologically, we entered the new Age of Aquarius during year 2020 through 2021, after a 2000-year period in the Age of Pisces came to an end. The changes we have experienced these past few years align with beginnings of 7 Mayan prophecies and indicate what we should expect in our near future.

The Mayan Teachings say that “everything transforms and the only thing which remains is the spirit of its journey and evolution to higher levels”.

Here are the Seven Prophecies which detail what we should expect in the upcoming years ahead, as we enter a new cycle of our evolution.  As you read, you may well be able to relate some of these prophecies to yourself or the world at large.

  1. The End of the Present Cycle

Humanity will enter the great room of mirrors, where we will meet ourselves on every corner and in every relationship. That which we have hidden under a mask will be exposed. Every person will need to find their own multi-dimensional nature within themselves. Materialism will end, resulting in liberation from suffering.

  1. All Answers are within

The Universe and Solar System are receiving a beam of light energy from the centre of the galaxy which is increasing the vibration of the planet and human brain waves, causing enormous changes in our behaviour.

This change will create two paths: one of compassion and love; the other of fear and destruction. Which path you follow will come down to individual choice. In both paths, lessons for necessary evolution will be learned. Humanity is moving toward a new era of harmony and to get there, fears and difficult situations will need to be confronted.

The difficult situations will remain until the lessons are learned. But these lessons do not need to be painful – there are opportunities to make them fun, even if uncomfortable.

The world will speed up, requiring the ability to find answers quickly, knowing that the wisdom and answers to everything inside of you; and that your behaviour determines the future, will become key.

  1. Awakening to our influence

Humanity will awaken to their influence on the planet, which will end the mistakes and destruction of our history. This will be accentuated by increased activities of the sun, caused by the energy received from the centre of the galaxy, creating great changes in weather.

  1. Climate Change Cleansing

The climate changes will produce a melting of the poles, allowing the planet to cleanse itself and change the physical composition of the continents producing geological and social changes. This will take the whole Universe to an era of harmony.

  1. Fear Based Systems will End

After a period of chaos, a new phase of evolution in consciousness and unprecedented changes in humanity will occur.

All systems based on fear will fail, transforming humanity to take a new step towards harmony. This includes religious and political organisations. More people will become spiritual, as opposed to religious.

  • A single common spiritual path will emerge in an era of peace and harmony for all humanity.
  • We will leave old moral systems behind and operate from the ethics of the True Self.
  • Money will no longer be used as a form of exchange.
  • The new humanity will not need existing technology communication systems as we will be connected mentally, bringing the end of violence.

6. Comet Appearance

A comet will appear which will place humanity’s existence as we know it in danger. But, before we incite fear, this comet will be a change agent, invoking evolution of the collective conscience and uniting us as a species. This danger will force humanity to construct a higher level of international cooperation and communication. This will cause us to step towards a world-wide government bringing peace, global sharing of resources, unity and much more besides.

  1. The Age of Enlightenment

The light being emitted from the centre of the galaxy will synchronize all living beings and create significant internal transformation.

A new reality will be created as people break limitations with pure thought. Pure thought will be a natural result of humanity stepping into their True Selves as they will understand that authenticity si the cure to all restrictions.

A new ear of light and transparency will begin, with humanity behaving as creators, in the image and likeness of God.

What does this mean for us

This all leads to the question: so what? In the light of these wisdoms, we are afforded choice and which path we might choose. Do we choose to the path of increased love and compassion?  For sure, there is a lot of chaos around, timelines speeded up, and immense change – not just at the moment but in the near future as we embed the Age of Aquarius. For me, the need for healing is even greater than it has been. The good news is that there is an increasing amount of help from the other worlds, and so whilst the need is greater, there is increased ease in any transition.

It may feel tough at the moment but I hope that reading about the prophecies is heartening. Now is the time to not only heal but find our nature, our truth. It’s all getting closer and easier to grasp.  We have easier access to our own innate wisdom and return to our true self, our power – which I will blog about in my next post.

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