8 Benefits of a Sound Bath


Sound Baths are often perceived simply as a meditation and a deeply relaxing experience. Indeed, they are, but this is not the only aspect of a Sound Bath. Here we explore some of the many benefits of sound baths.

Despite the name “Sound Bath”, there is no water involved! In a Sound Bath, you lie down, cosy and comfy and relax and immerse yourself in the sounds that waft over, around and through you. I typically use crystal bowls which create many layers of sound and echo around each other in a way that is magical and immensely soothing.

Sound Baths provide a beautiful mid-point to a spoken meditation and a silent meditation. Many people fall asleep, many people feel that they have been in a time-warp. Some people experience imagery or colours. Others still find the vibrations gently moving through their body for days to come.

As well as being very very relaxing, Sound Baths are a very healing experience. Sound has believed to be a conduit for healing for thousands of years, with shamans using the drum and voice to shift stuck and unhelpful energies. Sound Baths heal on every aspect of the psyche – the physical, mental and etheric parts of our being.  

Physical – 

Reduced blood pressure, stress and tension.

  • Our lives are full of activity, tension and stress leading to an unhealthy rise in blood pressure. It is not good for the body to be in this state – perpetually alert and on edge. Studies have been undertaken which compared groups of people who experience Sound Baths vs those sitting in silent meditation. The research found those listening to Sound Bowls experienced larger reductions in blood pressure and heart rate, compared to those who sat in silent meditation.

Enhances Sleep

  • Sleep is an incredibly powerful healing experience and vital to our well-being. The pattern of sleep and health is very circular. Poor sleep impacts our emotional and physical wellbeing – which impacts poor sleep. A downward spiral, which can be hard to move out of. Many people fall asleep in a Sound Bath. This, in itself can be hugely beneficial and start to reverse the downward spiral. Frequently, on the back of a Sound Bath, people find they experience deeper sleep and of a greater quality which is incredibly restorative and as such, greater vitality and emotional well-being in your day-to-day life.

Pain Relief

  • The frequencies of the Sound Bowls resonate through the body at a cellular level, and can stimulate the areas of the brain that support pain management. The reverberations create an effect known as “binaural beats”. Binaural beats emerge when the sounds provide different hertz in each ear, which creates a third frequency – known as the binaural beat. The brain aligns to this frequency, which has been shown to help relieve aches and pains.

Stimulates the nervous system

  • Sound vibrations can impact brain activity bringing an anti-inflammatory effect. The reduction of stress hormones from the sounds in turn reduces the cortisol in the body, which weakens a body’s natural defences against disease. It should be noted that these benefits are not proven and accordingly, should not be used in place of prescribed treatment. 

Mental –


  • Listening to music is an excellent way of alleviating stress, anxiety and depression. In itself, music can be a wonderful “cheer-up”. But in a Sound Bath, the vibration will take us deeper into the root of any low mood. The vibrations soothe and soften these roots, leaving them easier to manage, and so we can move through them more easily. Over time, low moods have less of a hold over us but just gently invite us to take a bit of time to ourselves and find nourishment or nurture that we may need.

Better Focus

  • How our monkey-minds shape our day-to-day existence! Jumping from one thing, and then mid-way to another – usually when we are mid-flow of something else. The result is – a lot of things on the go, nothing really getting achieved and we find ourselves getting increasingly stressed. Taking the time to slow everything down in the mind creates more of a sense of order. This works a bit like a muscle; the more we can slow down the brain and create order, the easier we find it to complete our tasks in an orderly manner. Of course, there will always be times when we do need to multi-task, but that can be done with focus – rather than the feeling that we should be doing something else.

Energetic –


  • Just as there are seven notes (A to G), there are seven chakras, and each note has a frequency which correlates with different chakras. More about chakras can be found here [https://helixhealings.co.uk/faqs/]. Chakras in a healthy state will be spinning in a steady, clockwise direction but over time, they can build up “sludge” and become clunky. The alignment of the note with the chakra gently removes some of this stickiness away and helps it.

Connection to Source and Self

  • Our overarching mission in life is to connect to source, the divine, the light, the godhead – whatever you call the one who is known by a thousand names. It is in this connection, we find our truth – who we are, our soul’s desires and the growing capacity to bring more love and light into the world. The combination of the healings found in the physical and mental spheres along with the re-setting of the chakras, nudge us gently in this direction, back to our truth, back home.

I host Sound Baths in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Please get in touch if you would like more information or would like to join one.

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