What is Distant Healing?


Introduction – 

Distant Healing, also called Remote Healing or Absent Healing, is when the client is not physically present with the practitioner during a healing session.  This may well sound counter-intuitive – how can healing occur if the practitioner is in a different place!? 

However, we are increasingly familiar with a “remote” world. We have long had the television which allowed us to view live events from all round the world. Furthermore, the pandemic led to an increased number of zoom calls, whereby we could be “present” in a number of other people’s rooms at the same time.

Distant Healing has indeed been around for much longer than the technology that makes this possible. Distant healings were recorded in the Bible, for example Jesus’ healing of Jairus’s daughter. More recently, it was also observed during WW2 when Japanese women sent reiki to their menfolk who were interred in Prison of War camps.  They knew their men were alive as they could sense the Byson (which is the frequency that is emitted from a tense, injured or ill body part). The eminent healer, Harry Edwards did most of his healings remotely with a 70% – 80% success rate.

Descartes in the 17th century said we are separate from our bodies and the universe. More recently, Deepak Chopra has written about Quantum physics, and theories such as “entanglement theory” whereby two particles of energy come into contact with each other, they can then share information or mirror each other, even if separated by time and space. He also talks about “Quantum Superposition” whereby a particle can exist in multiple places and states simultaneously. At the quantum level, there is no time, space and therefore no distance. The science blows my mind and I don’t want to get too bogged down with it.

It is becoming increasingly popular, not least since the pandemic. Practitioners can access energetic and spiritual levels of connection and healings can be undertaken on mental, emotional and even physical levels, even tho the client is not there. 

The energetics of distant healing remind me time and time again of the efficacy of it. There are many benefits of distant healing and it works differently for reiki and shamanic healings. But that said, the principles of the healings remain the same.

Benefits of Distant Healing – 

  • You can remain in the comfort of your own home and anywhere in the world! I have had clients in US and Australia and the work has been just as effective. This is also useful when working with children – who may struggle to relax or lie still, or also those who are too sick to travel. Other people may not have the time to travel or simply prefer to remain in the comfort of their own home, where they know they can relax.
  • I can work whilst you sleep! This is a great way to experience a healing as the body is in the deepest and most relaxed state. It is particularly useful for children as it may be hard to have them relaxed for any length of time. If you are on a different time zone, it’s very very easy to work whilst you are asleep!
  • I can work at anti-social times! I can do healings in early mornings or late at night when it might not be reasonable to have an in-person session.
  • Deeper engagement with the energies. When I am working without the client being physically present, I find I can dive deeper into the energies more readily without distraction. If the client is physically present, I always have one eye on and remain somewhat conscious and whilst I can flip between the work readily, there is often a better flow when working uninterrupted.

Reiki Healing

When seeing a client in person, I will be looking for the area where the toxins are the highest. I do this by moving my hands a few inches above the client’s body and I sense levels of “Byosen”

And in a distant healing, I will be doing exactly the same thing but will be working with an imaginary replica of your body. Intention is a key element, along with the use of symbols and specific Japanese words to ensure the connection is made. Quantum physics allows for when I connect with the area where there is the most Byosen, I can expand this area such that all the reiki energy goes into this part.

Shamanic Healing

Much of Shamanic Healing involves the practitioner going into a “soul flight”. By this, I mean the practitioner moves their awareness into a different level of consciousness and in this space, they can access all manners of worlds and information that exist for each and every one of us. The information shows up when the client is ready to receive it – whether it is restoration of a lost aspect of ourselves, or releasing an energy.  It matters not that the client is not physically present. The energies speak and all the intelligence exists in these other worlds. I am continually given cues as to what is needed / what to do. When the client is physically present, I may engage with their physicality very briefly, but when they are not present – a proxy is used for their body – such as stone or a stick. 

The Logistics of Distant Healing

There are a few different ways in which we might work. In both reiki and shamanic healing, it is optimal if you are relaxing (as mentioned, sleep is great) but this is not always manageable.

With a reiki session, I will briefly determine the presenting issue and then work accordingly. Sometimes this is done with an overview when booking the session and at other times, we might speak for a few minutes at the beginning of the session. As with physical bodies and the incident of referred pain, this may also be seen in reiki as the roots of a headache may arise from a build-up of Byosen in the kidneys for example. I’ll send a text message when the work is complete.

With a shamanic healing, it’s best to start the session with a phone call. The spoken word carries vibrations which act as catalysts that lead to a door opening to these other worlds – but this is not always necessary – neither small children or animals can tell you what is going on.  Sometimes I will have the client remain on the call whilst I work, and at other times I will simply get to it and call the client when it is done.

Sometimes, people are aware of activity taking place in their bodies but my modus operandi is to work as gently as possible and so for the vast majority of the time, clients are unaware of anything taking place. What most people do notice is they are very very relaxed.


Time and time again, I have seen phenomenal results from distant healing. It’s a modality that I really enjoy and whilst quantum physics goes part of the way to explain it, our brains cannot comprehend the magic and mystery that lies in the energy transmission.

If you are curious – why not dip your toe into the world of distant healing and book in a session!

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