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Would you like to learn how to help yourself more on your own journey?

Read below for current course offerings and please get in touch if you have any questions. 

Foundations in Shamanism

6 sessions, group training.

When – First Sunday of each month from March to October. 2pm – 4pm

Where – Yoga Life Studios, South Street, Eastbourne

Cost: £180


The Detail –

Shamanism involves a return to our own true power – but what is it?!

How can I practice Shamanism? What does it mean for me – and indeed the world at large?

These are just a few of the questions surrounding Shamanism that I will be touching on in an upcoming course.

You will have the opportunity to learn about the oldest spirituality that we know about, dating back at least some 40,000 years.

You will also learn how to journey and access the shamanic realm, an exploration into the magic and mystery of the world that we inhabit, how to source your own healing and support, how to communicate with the world at large to unravel answers to questions you may have and The Four Directions with their pillars for day-to-day living – as you dive deep into your soul and psyche and remember yourself home. 

  • More on Shamanism is seen in my blog HERE
  • This is an experiential course. No prior knowledge is required, but it is recommended that you have had at least one shamanic healing ahead of the signing up.
  • You will need to join all sessions, but life does get in the way and so catch ups will be arranged for any session missed (with an additional cost).
  • Places are limited, so please contact me for more information and to book.

Shamanic Journeying Course

A 6 week course of 1.5-2 hour sessions at a mutually agreeable time.

  • A shamanic journey is when the shamanic practitioner moves their awareness to access non-ordinary realities and seek out the wisdom and even healing from wise, compassionate transcended beings.
  • This course is very similar to the “Foundations of Shamanism” Course but is a 1-2-1 experience and involves the opportunity really get to grips with how to journey shamanically, using the beautiful marriage of age-old beat of the drum with modern technology.
  • More on Shamanism is seen in my blog HERE
  • The course comprises of 6 sessions of 1.5hrs – 2hrs long and are best undertaken on a weekly basis, at times by mutual agreement.
  • Please contact me to book or more information.

Total Cost: £450

Beyond The Beyond – The movement into infinity.

This is a five-week course, where I will work energetically with you, as well as mentor you to support you learning how to better help yourself along the journey. Somatic, breathwork, as well as intuitive techniques are fostered and enhanced in order to learn how to move through challenges that arise in life.

Five sessions are held each lasting 1 hour and are best held at monthly intervals. Themes covered in this learning are:

  • Beyond Boundaries
  • Beyond Belonging
  • Beyond Bitterness
  • Beyond Broken
  • Beyond Belief

Ongoing mentoring can subsequently take place – either on an ongoing basis or ad hoc sessions – to reinforce and further develop the techniques.

Total Cost: £400

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