As we move towards the end of October…

As we move towards the end of October, we find the veil between our world and the other worlds very thin. This brings an easy access of information as well as enhanced opportunities to transform, the help is much easier to harness.  The thin-ness of the veil is seen with the arrival of Hallowe’en and “All Saints Day” – the Day of the dead – where we honour those who have come before us. Whatever their stories, whatever they meant to us, we are presented with an opportunity to release any burdens they may have left with us and slip greater into freedom.

The moon for October is the Hunters Moon.  It will peak on 28 October at 9.24pm, UK time.  All very close to Halloween and the magic that is afoot.

The theme for the hero’s journey for the month is that of anxiety.

We are called to live life, being very present in the here and now. Spirits see us as truly blessed as we are able to have a human experience, in a human body. This is something they are denied, and they rely on us for feedback – what is it like?  From this feedback, they can formulate their plans as to how to best support us in our journey as they seek to help us bring more love and light into the world. Something that is needed more than ever.

We are born with anxiety, inherited from our ancestors and this anxiety is reinforced in our lives – parents encouraging us in different ways with the best will in the world, but creating uncertainty and anxiety. Our peers at school – children can be unkind – and doubts and worries become more entrenched. And our programming that we were born with in the anxiety department is gradually reinforced.

Anxiety works in a more insidious way than fear, which we talked about in May. Anxiety stays hovering just beneath the surface of the skin and lingers around. Worries about the past and worries about the future. Events that have happened, and events that may or may not happen.

Anxiety keeps us very much awake at night or brings early morning wakings. It’s super hard to manage worries at those times of day. Things feel much worse, much harder to negotiate and are often disproportionately intense. Thoughts and worries race out of control, gathering momentum as they go, becoming increasingly entangled and complex. There is no peace to be found.

Anxieties are very often about things that are outside our control. What will they think of me? What are they saying about me? What would happen if …?   Why did I do that ???  Most of which lie outside our gift to do anything about and keep us from living our lives – as we are called to do.

We learn to live with our anxiety, but it never goes away. We remain on a constant state of high alert, regret or shame. A constant state of fight or flight, living in uncertainty. And this uncertainty is not the potent and magical wonder of wonderous opportunities, but rather all the things that may go wrong, slights that may come our way.

We are magnificent co-creators, particularly at this time of year when as mentioned, the veil is thin. We sow the seeds of our becoming and start to create.

The train of anxiety can be turned. It doesn’t mean to be like this, we are meant to be free but also living life in the present.

I’ve found that by embarking on healings over the years, I have been able to let go of many anxieties. And now when they emerge, which they do, I have learnt how to move them out of my body. For sure, it takes effort and practice, and sometimes sheer bloody-mindedness. But it really does get easier, and I can start to create a life that is glorious and fulsome for the present. It brings freedom, joy and pleasure in what I have and who I am. This energy gathers momentum, like the Fibonacci spiral creating a brighter and more magical future.

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